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Route choice in RunOway
Draw your route choice, view courses and maps in RunOway online service.
2008-04-30 » Read more
Team results and splits
Complete team results and splits are now published.
2008-04-27 » Read more
Hubmann strongest in sprint finish
Emil Wingstedt, Halden, tried to break away from Kristiansand and Södertälje-Nykvarn. But a few hundred metres from the finish Daniel Hubmann took control and never let the others back into it. Södertälje-Nykvarn were third.
2008-04-27 » Read more
An oldie and two juniors
Ronneby OK took the first victory at this year''s 10MILA. The team of Jacob Svensson, Olof Hedberg and Björn Edvinsson took home the first ever Open Relay.
2008-04-27 » Read more
Tuna´s triumph
Out in twelfth, 4.13 behind. In as winners. What a fantastic finish by Lena Eliasson, who anchored Stora Tuna IK to their third victory in the women's relay.
2008-04-26 » Read more
Thrilling Finnish victory
Turun Suunnistajat''s Matti Saari was strongest when the junior relay was decided; he broke Ravinen''s Kalle Bergman on the last hill.
2008-04-26 » Read more
Porsgrunn made history
Porsgrunn made history when the won the precision orienteering relay. It was the first ever such relay at 10MILA. Porsgrunn OL won the first precision orienteering relay.
2008-04-26 » Read more
Follow 10MILA live with results and web tv
Information how you follow 10MILA live from your computer at home.
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Timetable buses
Dowload timetable for buses.
2008-04-25 » Read more
Rent a Tent
Information about "Rent a Tent".
2008-04-24 » Read more
Military tent
Information about booked Military Tents.
2008-04-23 » Read more
Clubs with late entry fee payments
Clubs with payments 23 Apr and later must bring a voucher of the payment .
2008-04-23 » Read more
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