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The Web-TV broadcast starts already on friday evening with Studio 10MILA between 7pm and 8pm. There will be a fee of 150SEK to follow the broadcast on web-tv. You can buy your access at



On and around the arena the sound of the commentators will be broadcasted on the FM frequences and can be received by an ordinary radio receiver. 98.4MHz for swedish commentary and 100.9MHz for finnish/english commentary




Updated invitation 12th Dec 2016

10MILA has decided to shorten the course lengths of leg 3 and leg 7. Four legs are now about 7 km long, a distance which appeals to both younger and older runners. This will hopefully make it possible for even more clubs to compete in 10MILA 2017.

 Leg   Course length*   Forking   Day/Night 
1    10,6 km   Yes   Day/Dusk/Night
2    11,9 km   Yes   Night
3    7,0 km   Yes   Night 
4    16,8 km   No   Night
5    7,1 km   Yes   Night 
6    7,1 km   Yes   Night 
7    11,6 km   Yes   Night/Dawn
8    9,8 km   No   Dawn/Day 
9    7,8 km   Yes   Day 
10    16,1 km   Yes   Day 

*650-1100 m of the course are marked with run-in/run-out tape.

invitation can be viewed and downloaded here

New training package

We have now released a fifth training package. In this package, we offer longdistance courses in all categories; Women, Men and Youth. The courses are set in an area of wild terrain close to lake Delsjön. 

Please see our Training page with an up-to-date overview of all the training packages.

Map of the area


To go straight to the Training page, click here

Official invitation

On behalf of the 10MILA Relay Association, the organising clubs wish all competitors, leaders, officials and spectators a warm welcome to 10MILA 2017. The event will be held in Gothenburg/Partille for the first time ever. The entire invitation can be viewed and downloaded here

Embargoed area 2017

The location of 10MILA 2017 is Partille, just outside of Gotheburg. The embargoed area for training and competition is shown on the map below.

The area was extended on 11 October 2015.

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10MILA countdown

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Terrain talk

The terrain in Gothenburg episode 1 (in swedish)

Terrain episode 1

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Additional videos

Whole interview with Thomas Norgren



NEWS 2017