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No Tiomila in Upplands-Bro 2020 - Alternative Solutions are Being Investigated

As previously informed, Tiomila will not be taking place on 2nd/3rd May. Because of planned military exercises, Försvarsmakten (the Ministry of Defence) have notified that it is not possible to arrange Tiomila on Livgardet's military exercise area at a later time this year. The Tiomila organisation is continuing to look into the possibility of organising a Tiomila relay in 2020. 

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10MILA 2020 will be postponed or cancelled

This year's 10MILA was scheduled to be held on May 2-3 in Kungsängen. Now it has been decided that the competition will either be postponed or cancelled.

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Bus to the Arena

You can now book a 10MILA-bus from the Silja/Viking Line ferry terminals, or from Arlanda airport.

Information in regards to the Covid-19 virus (updated 2020-03-13)

On Wednesday (2020-03-11) the Swedish government prohibited gatherings with over 500 people. For Swedish orienteering this means that a number of competitions have already been cancelled, postponed, or placed under restrictions.

A decision about 10MILA, which is scheduled for 1-3 May in Upplands-Bro, will be announced next week (week 12). There is a continued dialogue between Föreningen Tiomilakavlen, this year’s organizers, Stockholm Orienteering Federation and the Swedish Orienteering Federation.

Föreningen Tiomilakavlen

Earlier information 2020-03-10:
Regarding the risk of spreading of the Coronavirus, 10MILA will proceed as follows:
- The competition will be held as planned unless the Swedish health authorities or our sports association issue a directive to the opposite effect.
- We will stay up-to-date with any announcements from the authorities.
- We ask our competitors also to follow any developments and to adhere to recommended preventative measures to avoid getting infected.

Föreningen Tiomilakavlen

Enter Now for 10MILA 2020

You can now enter your team on our page on Eventor. You will also find the official invitation there.



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