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Accomodation information

On Eventor new info is now posted with information about the accomodation, to make it smoother on the competition days we advice you to read this in advance!

For questions or further information please contact:

Ingvar Svensson, tel: 073-3667082

E-post: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Breakfast Info

No breakfast service that has previously been available for ordering at Eventor will be offered in the arena because of poor interest, we refer to the regular assortment in the serving area.

Info about accomodation and other extra service in eventor.

We can still offer accommodation on hard surfaces but without shuttle service(bus). All extra service in eventor are still open for booking but will be closed down as accommodation / services become fully booked.

Umara & WebbTV

We at 10MILA 2019 can now proudly present Umara as our nutrition sponsor! Umara is contributing sports drinks for the liquid stations and Umara's products will also be sold at Pölder Sport and SM Sport at TC.

Umara is a Swedish nutrition company from Gothenburg with the goal of increasing athletes performance through safe scientific products. Therefore, they will offer all contestants 15% discount on Test the sports drink before tiomila, or fill up with caffeine gels to clear the long night! Enter the code 10mila15 when you place the order. (Offer applies in the webshop until April 1).

Keep an eye on our channels for tips and advice from Umara on how to think about energy before and under 10MILA.

It is now also possible to buy this year's live broadcast under the Live tab!