Summer days at Idre Fjäll

At the moment the last areas are mapped for 10MILA 2020 Idre Fjäll. Kenneth Kaisajuntti and Per Forsberg are the two mappers and they are supposed to map another 4 km2. Right now the conditions are the best with fantastic summer days and very intersting terrain areeas.

- You can run very fast if you have the capacity because the sight is very good and it´s not that many details, says Kenneth Kaisajuntti. The terrain is generally very open but it´s a lot of contours and also quite many marsches, he says.

During 2019 and 2020 in total more than 30 km2 has been made  by the mappers and most of the new mapped area will be used at 10MILA 2020 Idre Fjäll. But some of the new areas will be saved for Orienteering World Cup 2021, also at Idre Fjäll.

- If you take a look at the map with the embargoed areas is quite clear how we will use the area, says Per Forsberg.

The plan for the mappers is to finish the mapping well on time before the Midsummer because the week after the organising club, Idrefjällens OK, will be on site to make plans for 10MILA 2020 September 26-27.


Last Updated: Tuesday, 02 June 2020 20:34