Questionnaire survey for the ladies at 10MILA

Association 10MILA-a relay will be at this year's competition in Skepptuna to conduct a survey, in which contestants ladies will be able to answer questions about the course lengths and contest in the dark on 10MILA. The purpose of the survey is to get a broad basis how female orienteer looks at the forms of Damkavlen.

"We want as many ladies as possible to answer the questionnaire, so that we get a broad picture of what the different ages and groups of contestants think, says Martina Sundberg, from 10MILA Association's Board. At the arena, we will have a staffed tent where the contestants can submit their answers, continues Martina.

The questions will be answered via computers and there will be support for answering questions also in English and Finnish and of course Swedish. The evaluation is intended to provide guidance and support to the way forward in the women's competition.

To participate in the inquiry you must be female and bring on your SportIdent-card. It will be registered that you have participated in the survey (so you cannot do it twice), but the answers won't be able to link up with the SI-card. The survey is completely anonymous. Poll tent will be open between 11 and 21 on Saturday May 9 and continually staffed with Board members from 10MILA-Association. Take this opportunity to come and talk to us!

Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 April 2015 12:57