Professional arena production

10MILA 2014 investing in a professional arena production that can also be followed on the web TV. The ambition for the arena production is moving forward 10MILA as a total experience, both for participants, spectators on site as web viewers. One element of this is the best orienteering speaker of the world and two parallel giant screens.

To arena production during 10MILA 2014 will stand out and highlight the competition further, it is about getting a good rhythm and framing of the whole 10MILA. A number of ingredients in the production must be met.

10MILA Arena 2014. The 500-meter shooting range at Ränneslatt form the core.

Arena Production has worked with a number of starting points and can now state that successfully met all that it set out to:

♦ Good and tight arena where you see what's going on where one is standing.
♦ Audience on both sides of the stretch.
♦ World's best arena announcer for orienteering, which can bid up the mood when something of value is coming up! That's why we hired Per Forsberg in that role.
♦ A good feeling on reporting from the forest with just the right mix of TV, forest speakers, online checks, tracking, spinning and more.
♦ Dare allow it sometimes even silent stadium.
♦ Lighting, sound, fireworks and the right music with the appropriate jingles.
♦ Interviews, reports and analyzes.
♦ Big screen containing combinations of vivid images, graphics, tracking, statistics and more to reflect what is happening here and now.
♦ In order to do this we have two big screens at 54 square meters each.

Here is the actual competition arena. Note how a tight arena created by reducing the number of running fields to three and create space for audience on both sides. Wherever you stand in the arena have been the two big screens (at the bottom of the arena) in the spotlight, while you can follow the runners live.

Map of the Arena (PDF for printing)

Last Updated: Saturday, 29 March 2014 09:00