Annichen 10MILA Message Author

Now it is clear that Annichen Kringstad will compose the special messages that are traditionally read by the winners at the finish of 10MILA.

For the organizers, it was obvious to ask the orienteering legend Annichen Kringstad if she was interested in the task.  Annichen has won several 10MILA titles, and has strong ties to two of the organizing clubs.  She was an active elite in Stora Tuna OK and is chairman of OK Kåre.

It is a great honor to have been given this task, it will be exciting to create something special for these races, said Annichen.

According to information from the 10MILA Association, Annichen Kringstad is the first woman in 10MILA’s history to create the messages.

Last Updated on Thursday, 03 March 2016 23:38