A memory from 10MILA terrain

Already in 1985, had O-Ringen, or the Swedish 5-days, as the race was known at that time, two finishes at the Lugnet area in Falun.
Most orienteers know that Falun in 1985 still holds the record of 25,000 participants over five days.
But few know that the then national team member Anders Erik Olsson won the last day in exactly the same terrain where 10MILA will be decided. Here are his memories from the race which can be a source of inspiration.
A little background:  Anders Erik Olsson went out as the eighth man, five minutes down on the lead. He was fastest on the 11.5-kilometer course by two minutes and had an average kilometer time of 5.25 minutes. It helped Anders secure second place in total after the winner Joakim Ingelsson.

What are your memories of this 10MILA terrain?
The forests around Lugnet are classic hilly Dalarna terrain. Being a strong hill runner, I had plenty of confidence for the race.
Anders Erik Olsson continues:
We were five or six runners mid-race fighting for second place. On the long leg to the eighth control, half went right while the others went more to the left. I thought it looked best to run straight which meant running over the map's highest point. That's where I laid the foundation for my stage victory and subsequent second place.
Notably, Anders Erik Olsson won the 5-days the following year in Borås.

What is your best 10MILA memory?
It was in 1979 when I was 16 and ran for the club OS Svackan from Umeå. We were not an elite team and it wasn’t even sure we could put together a full team of ten runners. I managed to talk my way into getting first leg and managed to change-over in tenth place.  Everyone in the team then proceeded to produce top performances throughout the night. In the end we finished 48th and I have never since been in a team that felt as much like the winner even though we did not win. Otherwise, my best team placing was with Järfälla when we finished second in 1984.

When last did you run an orienteering?
My nephews dragged me out to a local night orienteering race in 2009 in Grimsta forest.

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