Report from the Course Planner

"How are courses for 10MILA?" It is a recurring question in the lead up to the spring season's big orienteering relay. Therefore, here is a recent report by the planners:

 "The Women's relay has no unforked legs and in the 10MILA Relay there is only one such leg, we hope this will provide challenging competitions. We have prioritised complex forking on the courses; but even considering this and the nature of the terrain, think that runners who maybe normally prefer unforked legs, should be able to take upon themselves a forked leg.  In order to utilize the competition area as optimally as possible, we have the planned one shorter leg in the Women's relay and three in the 10MILA relay.  On many courses the difficulty will be to find the best route to the control, not necessarily the control itself.  The terrain is hillier than it normally is for 10MILA; it is however, easy to run and there will be few green areas to cross"

Last Updated on Monday, 14 March 2016 14:06