10MILA Signs a Contract with O-Ringen

10MILA Association have signed a collaboration agreement with O-Ringen.  It's about 10MILA buying in IT management support from O-Ringen. The agreement is for three years and is the first cooperation agreement that the 10MILA Association have had with the O-Ringen organization.

It is great when two of orienteering sport’s two biggest events are collaborating in this way. It benefits both parties, says Göran Reinholdsson, who is responsible for contracts within the 10MILA Association.

Organiser and nostalgic team – a focused Grycksbo IF

10MILA at Lugnet in Falun has become a fantastic injection for Grycksbo IF - the small club with many proud memories of this orienteering classic.  Recently, it became clear that Grycksbo IF will co-host 10MILA together with Stora Tuna OK, OK Kåre, Säterbygdens OK and Kvarnsvedens GoIF.  Grycksbo IF also plan to commemorate the occasion including their own nostalgic team to be cheered on by many of the 10MILA veterans in their club.
Grycksbo IF is an organization with extensive experience in organizing and implementing parking logistics in connection with major events.
Now it is clear that Grycksbo IF will be responsible for this important function even in conjunction with 10MILA 2016. But they will not rest with just this. 10MILA has for many years been an important motivational goal for Grycksbo IF. Both in the 60s and 70s Grycksbo had top ranked teams, as well as the years 1993-1996, where the club finished a strong 22nd in 1993. It was a fantastic year and now we'll try to put up together a team with participants from the ‘93 team.
We have received a positive response from most guys. Several of them have even commenced training with a view to 10MILA in Falun, says Jonny Birgersson, and says that this is just one of the club's plans for a nostalgic weekend. The picture above shows the team that came in 22nd place at 10MILA 1993. Photo: Grycksbo

Closed areas during hunting periods

Due to many requests about using the training areas later this year, we have decided to extend the availability of them until November 29th.
The areas will however close during hunting periods, which vary between areas according to this

1. Stångtjärn

Closed October 10 until Oktober 25

2. Källviken

Closed October 10 until Oktober 25

3. Årberget

Closed October 5 until Oktober 18

4. Staberg

Closed October 10 until Oktober 18

5. Tjärnaberget

Closed October 10 until Oktober 18

6. Jungfruberget (new area directly west from forbidden area)

No hunting, Not closed

Kalle Östgren, +46 70-2548442

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The official invitation for 10Mila

We can now, with great pleasure, publish the official invitation for 10Mila 2016 in Falun-Borlänge; a competition centred in the renown Lugnet world championships stadium. 

The invitation, introducing the competition, can be found on both our web-site, as well as under the Invitation section in Eventor.

Download invitation

Invest in the training package and avoid unpleasant surprises

“Many are underestimating the terrain for 10Mila 2016. And those who are not prepared will get a really unpleasant surprise during the race next year. Therefore, I warmly recommend our training package.“ This comment comes directly from Claes Nideborn, a member of the course planning group for 10Mila in Falun and Borlänge in 2016.

Read more: Invest in the training package and avoid unpleasant surprises



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