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New training package

We have now released a fifth training package. In this package, we offer longdistance courses in all categories; Women, Men and Youth. The courses are set in an area of wild terrain close to lake Delsjön. 

Please see our Training page with an up-to-date overview of all the training packages.

Map of the area


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Embargoed area 2017

The location of 10MILA 2017 is Partille, just outside of Gotheburg. The embargoed area for training and competition is shown on the map below.

The area was extended on 11 October 2015.

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10MILA countdown

Tidigare avsnitt

Countdown 1

Countdown 2

Countdown 3

Countdown 4

Terrain talk

The terrain in Gothenburg episode 1 (in swedish)

Terrain episode 1

Terrain episode 2

Terrain episode 3

Additional videos

Whole interview with Thomas Norgren



NEWS 2017