Decision about prepaid 10MILA registration and service fees

Since 10MILA, 2nd/3rd May, 2020 was canceled we get many questions about the prepaid registration fees and questions about plans and possibilities to perform 10MILA this autumn.

Information, May 5
• All fees associated to prepaid booked services, such as accommodation etc will be fully refunded.
• There is a consultation in progress between the Tiomila association and the Swedish Orienteering federation, SOFT, how to manage prepaid registration fees.

It was necessary to cancel 10MILA due to all risks of Covid-19 virus and ensuring compliance with regulatory decisions. Some major costs have been incurred before the scheduled event dates.

The Tiomila association strives for a reasonable resolution for all parties. 

The Swedish Orienteering federation will decide on May 11th whether organizers 2020 can retain a subset of registration fees. Information about decision will be communicated in mid-May. Not later than June we will also publish information on possibilities to perform a 10MILA event this fall.

/Tiomila association

Viimeksi päivitetty: 06.05.2020 12:45