Kalevan Rasti four time winner in five years

Kalevan Rasti finished as winner in 10MILA 2014.

For the fourth time in five years resigned Kalevan Rasti to victory in 10MILA. The ruling came on the last leg when the Finnish team from Joensuu could outrun IFK Lidingö from Sweden.

10MILA Relay was a close fight to the bitter end. In the end, the fight between Kalevan Rasti runner Jan Prochazka and IFK Lidingö's Mårten Boström. It became a battle with Prochazka decide to Kalevan Rastis advantage.

After the sixth leg, classical long night leg, it was 18 teams within one minute. On seventh leg it was a compact cluster of four teams ended in top; Kalevan Rasti, IFK Lidingö, Södertälje-Nykvarn and IFK Mora.

Then, when Thierry Gueorgiou on the eighth leg broke up field and for a while was leading by two and a half minutes, expecting many that the Kalevan victory was secured. In the change over to ninth leg approached persecutors so that the distance was one and a half minutes.

Then Fabian Hertner (Kalevan Rasti) missed the first control on the ninth leg, and the hunting teams chasing up. Ninth leg shaping up then to a fight between Kalevan Rasti (Hertner) and IFK Lidingö (Fredrik Johansson) and the two were together in the changing over. Jan Prochazka could decide to Kalevan Rastis advantage in a fight with Mårten Boström.